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Startling Statements

Startling Statements has been one of the most popular and frequently-used activities from the EQUALS program. They are a source of thought-provoking questions.

We will add one new Statement each month. Please share them with your colleagues, friends, and members of your community.

To maintain the integrity of the original data, ethnic terms are used as cited in the original source.


1. In 2000, 25% of 8 th grade students took Algebra nation wide. What percentage of African American students took Algebra in the 8 th grade?

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2. The percentage of White, non-Hispanic high school graduates from our public schools in 2013-14 is projected to be 58.1%. What is the projected percentage for Hispanic graduates in the same year?

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3. In the spring of 2004-05, the percent of English Learners in California who speak Vietnamese was 2.2 %.   What percent were Spanish speakers? ?

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4. What is the single biggest predictor of college success?

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