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More about EQUALS and Professional Development

The EQUALS programs, created by people who understand classroom and family life, present ways of learning and thinking about mathematics that help build success for all students.

Bring Our Professional Development To Your School

EQUALS teacher and student
EQUALS Professional Development for teachers, counselors, and administrators

The EQUALS academic staff can design and present PreK–9 workshops customized to your school's goals. We offer 1-day workshops to institutes of 3-weeks or more.

EQUALS will inspire your teachers by increasing their math knowledge and classroom strategies. EQUALS workshops and materials address the NCTM and California Standards. In addition to our programs for educators, we also offer FAMILY MATH workshops in English and Spanish that bridge home and school.

Here is a partial list of topics we cover:
• Algebra
• Changing practices for diverse classrooms
• Cooperative learning and problem-solving strategies
• English language development and math content
• FAMILY MATH for young children, elementary, and middle school
• FAMILY MATH Leader workshops
• Geometry for middle school
• Middle school investigations
• Multiculturalism
• Statistics

If you would like to know more about our programs, please call 510-642-1823

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