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The Journey—Through Middle School Math

The middle school years can be challenging for both parents and children. The Journey—Through Middle School Math is designed to provide families with a clear and useful road map through the middle school grades. Activities such as “Let’s Go to the Movies” engage families in algebraic discussions about like and unlike terms. Children will gain more experience with geometric transformations, an important middle school geometry standard, while enjoying an activity such as “How Did I Get There?”

Parent involvement activities enable families to make informed decisions about their children’s education and future opportunities. Strategies for successfully connecting with teachers, choosing math courses that increase career options, as well as understanding test results and their influence are addressed.

Teachers will find this book an indispensable guide when working with middle school families, especially those that need extra guidance. The Journey–Through Middle School Math is an excellent resource to use at home, in the classroom, and for after-school programs.

All activities are based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards for Curriculum and Instruction. They involve several integrated math concepts creating connections that promote better student understanding and math achievement.

Families will find the activities in this book understandable, interesting, and, dare we say, fun.

Written by Karen Mayfield-Ingram with Alma Ramirez

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Age/Grade Level

Audience Subject Area



Teachers, parents, and children

Grades 5-8

Mathematics/Parent Involvement

Paperbound, 140 pages


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