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Información sobre Matemática para la familia


FAMILY MATH believes that all children can learn and enjoy mathematics. Parents and other family members are their children's first and most influential teachers. Yet many parents report that they do not know how to support their children’s mathematical learning.

FAMILY MATH focuses entirely on families learning mathematics together. In FAMILY MATH, mathematics becomes a challenging and engaging learning experience for everyone. Its math topics connect to the school curriculum, including algebra, probability, statistics, estimation, logic, geometry, and measurement.

FAMILY MATH focuses on developing problem-solving skills and building a conceptual understanding of mathematics with hands-on materials. These materials are often found in the home.

FAMILY MATH supports parent involvement. FAMILY MATH books and classes offer practical ideas on:
helping with homework
communicating effectively with teachers
creating awareness of how math affects a child’s future opportunities
designing a home learning environment

To talk with someone about the FAMILY MATH Program, please call 510-642-1823. You can also contact FAMILY MATH Director Karen Mayfield-Ingram, at 510-642-9082 or by email at mayfield@berkeley.edu.

FAMILY MATH Classes in the Community

FAMILY MATH Class Leader Workshops prepare educators, parents, and community members to lead classes for families. A good mathematics background is helpful but not essential. Anyone who is enthusiastic, kind, and committed can become a FAMILY MATH class leader by attending a two-day workshop. These are given at the Lawrence Hall of Science or at your site. You will leave this workshop as an inspired FAMILY MATH class leader.

FAMILY MATH Staff Development Workshops enable experienced Class Leaders to prepare others to lead classes for families. Staff Development workshop presenters need a good quality background in mathematics.

FAMILY MATH is a worldwide phenomenon. From South Africa to New Zealand and throughout the United States, families gather to learn and enjoy mathematics together. Check our Sites Network for the location nearest you.



Karen Mayfield-Ingram,
Phone: 510-642-9082
FAX: 510-643-5757
E mail:

Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5200

To order books please call (510) 642-1016.

To talk with someone about the FAMILY MATH Program, please call 510-642-1823.

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