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Family Math The Middle School years

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The Middle School Years
Algebraic Reasoning and Number Sense

Ages ten to fourteen are the gateway years to high school and college and are crucial to our children's advanced mathematics education. FAMILY MATH: The Middle School Years contains provocative investigations to captivate older students. Together, families unlock the mystery of algebra with entertaining, nonthreatening activities. One favorite activity is called Flowerpots. By creating a garden with beans, squares, triangles, and circles, families practice the algebraic topic of solving simultaneous equations in two and three unknowns. Everyone will enjoy activities such as Maya Mathematics, Four-Sock Drawers, and Math Behind the Trick. Using this book will increase student readiness for high school mathematics course work. Parents will learn the answers to: Are there ways to help my children without being a math expert? and What are the implications of taking or not taking eighth grade algebra? For families, classroom teachers, and anyone interested in setting up a FAMILY MATH class.

Written by Virginia Thompson and Karen Mayfield-Ingram.

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Sample activity from the book: Explore the mathematics of Cats and Canaries!

Audience Age/Grade Level

Subject Area



Teachers, parents,
and children

Grades 5-8

Parent Involvement

280 pages


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